Travel Cheap in a Business Class

A business class travel is what most travellers aspire but the due to the exorbitant prices its a luxury only few enjoy. Unless you are on an all paid company trip it often becomes difficult to justify the cost of a business class ticket.  Here are a few tips to travel cheap in a business class.


  • Don’t book it in advance: If you started out searching for business class tickets, you would be surprised at the costs in front of you. However, when you reach the airline counter you may find a few last minute cheap tickets to the business class being available which can  be booked at much lower costs than making it an advance booking.
  • Loyalty programs: Frequent fliers are offered several loyalty programs by various airlines that can help them buy cheap international airline tickets including the business class. The mileage points that are accumulated during your travel can also make you eligible for free upgrades to the business class that are totally worth it. Make sure you keep a tab on when your points are expiring and do not miss out on the promotional emailers sent out by the airline companies to help you with a better upgrade.
  • Business class tickets on weekends: Business class travellers fly during the entire week but would certainly avoid flying on the weekends. If you are flying on a weekend you might find plenty of vacant business class tickets seats that are up for grabs at much cheaper costs than the actuals.
  • Easy up fares: Easy up fares are easy to use and in most cases stand the right chances to get you get last minute cheap tickets to the business class. Purchase a premium economy fare or an upgradable ticket to which you can apply your points and upgrade into a business class.
  • Open Seats: In case you have a seat at the front of your coach, once the cabin doors have shut, you can always ask your fight attendant if there is an open seat for you to move. A hi and some polite conversation can help you well with this trick.

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  1. Amazing Post. This post is really very helpful to cost cutting while traveling with Business class. Thanks Dear.


    1. yes, thanks for the comment!


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