Five doubts about air travel you should clarify

Are you a spontaneous traveler who wants to get away with the last minute? Are you traveling for the first time in flight? Here are the most important doubts that will arise when you travel by air for the first time. There has been a lot of security restrictions imposed on flights from Houston to Mumbai and to other locations. This is to ensure the safety of the travelers. Constantly many items are not permitted inside the flight.


Can you take any kind of weapon inside aircraft?

Any kind of sharp objects or weapons is not allowed inside the aircraft. You cannot carry them in your handbag or your luggage. Items such as knives, swords, firearms, daggers are not to be carried while traveling.  If you are found carrying these items, the pilot can arrest you and the punishments will be severe.

What should you not carry inside the aircraft?

Any dangerous items that can hurt the co-passengers are not allowed. All your bags are checked through x-ray screen.  If you carry any dangerous or suspicious items, it is likely to be detained. Items like ignitable solids, flammable gases, poison, infectious items, a corrosive substance, chemicals, magnetic items are considered dangerous.

What are the items allowed to carry?

You can carry life supporting articles like a pace maker, smoking materials, battery, toilet articles and radioactive material used for life support. You can carry blankets, cushions, overcoat and other small items in the hand baggage. You must keep your baggage in the overhead storage bin and secure them safely. You are not supposed to keep things near the emergency exit or near aisles.

Restrictions for using electronic equipment

You are not allowed to use cordless radio, transmitters, receivers, laptops, and printers on board. This might overlap the frequency of radio signals. You are allowed to carry calculators, electric razor, trimmer, music player and cassette recorders. You can ask the assistance of the cabin crew in case of doubt.

Can you carry your pet with you?

Pets are not permitted along with you inside the cabin however, you can book a separate crate or pet box to carry them in the special temperature-controlled room.

It is better to understand the rules and regulations before flying. This will help you avoid unnecessary delays while traveling on flights from Houston to Mumbai or to any destinations. Know your do’s and don’ts and help the cabin crew help you settle down easily and quickly. If you want to know more about air travel, you can find them on travel websites like BookOtrip, MakeMytrip, Yatra, and many more. {indian travel agents in usa}


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