Ten things you most likely didn’t know about air travel

Are you excited about your travel after successful booking of flight tickets? When you are on a plane heading to your favorite holiday destinations, many things go through your mind, especially if you are flying for the first time. Here are some interesting things that you most likely didn’t know about your air travel.


  1. Smoking is banned on flights but you still may find ashtrays. This is for travelers who cannot control the habit. Ashtrays provide a safe disposal of cigarette butts. To be safe, it is good to avoid smoking while flying.
  2. Have you wondered why the food doesn’t taste good while you are on the flight? Whether you hold a first class ticket or bring your own food, you might not enjoy the food due to the cabin pressure that reduces your sense of taste up to 30 percent. Your taste buds go numb and everything tastes blander.
  3. It is good to put your mobile phones are airplane mode to avoid confusion in the radio frequency. Though there are no proven results, it is better to be safe and leave a clear path for air traffic control and the pilot.
  4. You aren’t allowed to use the toilet while landing and takeoff. There are no seatbelts in the toilet and accidents may occur if you are not wearing the seat belt during takeoff and landing.
  5. The cabin crew might ask you to keep the window shade raised to let the natural light in. It also helps your eyes to adjust to the lighting condition. Most importantly, the crew can easily spot any dangers like fire or crack on the plane.
  6. Seat belts provide complete safety during your travel. It is good to wear seatbelts when the signs are illuminated.
  7. Lightning does not affect your while you are flying. The plane is made of metal that can withstand lightning so it is completely safe even if the lightning strikes the plane.
  8. The airplanes have red light on the left and green light on the right for the crew to tell which way the planes are facing
  9. You cannot open the emergency doors while flying as the air pressure does not allow you to do so.
  10. The windows have a small hole on them to control the air pressure gradually

Hope these facts have answered most of your questions. You can now find cheap flights to your most favorite destination on various travel websites. All you need is a little patience and some knowledge to use the search engines.If you wish to get best deals, you can book Detroit to Kolkata cheap flights on BookOtrip LLC. BookOtrip is one of the best travel websites that allow you to choose the best airlines offering best prices.


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