Best places to visit with your kids in Canada

Kids often find it boring to visit historical monuments and museums unless they have an inclination. So, take a look at some of the best places to visit in Canada with your kids. Book your tickets for Canada with the travel agent Dallas.

Québec City, Québec




Your little ones will be thrilled to bits when they visit Québec City. Winters are never dull with Québécois. They have great enthusiasm throughout the year and weathers do not ebb away their zest for chills. You will see many events being conducted for families such as the Winter Carnival and various outdoor sports such as ice canoeing, skiing, and snow tubing. In the months of summer your kids will amazed to see the range of activities available for them viz. boating, sliding, rafting, biking, and canoeing.  Québec was founded by the French and it served as their colony in 1608. It gets its name from an Algonquin word Kebec, meaning ‘where the river narrows.’





Whistler has so much to offer to your kids! Snow clad peaks, crushed steeps, placid lakes, pouring waterfalls, hiking trails, and restaurants serving delicious meals, Whistler is ready for every month, throughout the year. The most popular tourist destination of Whistler is the ‘Whistler Blackbomb’. This massive resort is spread over 8,100 acres of land and greets 40 feet of snowfall every year. It one of the most attractive après-ski spots of North America. The entire town, tucked away 75 miles in the north of Vancouver, has ski-friendly ambience and thus enable it to host dozens of skiing events every year.

Black Creek Pioneer village, Toronto




It is a chic pioneer village tourist destination embodying many historical marvels. Black Creek Pioneer Village hosts ski demonstrations, hands-on amusements for kids, and have interpreters in period dress. While your kids have a whale’s time in this child-friendly village, you grab some drinks at its famous microbrewery. By any chance you miss out on Toronto; there are similar children’s villages in Eastern Ontario and Thunder Bay.

Marineland, Niagara Falls


Kids of all ages are fond of Marineland. Ask anybody in Ontario and they would say they love Marineland. The statement remains undisputed for the fact that Marineland is home to deadly whales and belugas. Your kids will love the fun show exhibiting dolphins, walruses, and sea lions. You will fall in love with the marine life depicted in Marineland. The Park offers a number of amusement rides. You will go crazy with Sky Screamers, Ocean of Odyssey, and Lady Bug coaster.

Toronto Zoo



Toronto Zoo is Canada’s largest zoo. The zoo is home to more than 460 species. The species are categorized by the region of their origin. They have a special children’s zone which hosts demonstrations, a splash park, and other interactive sessions for children.

The La Ronde, Montreal

La Ronde is an amusement park which is the largest in Québec. The park offers dozens of roller coaster and other rides for visitors. The Orbit provides you with a spectacular view of Montreal. Ride the ‘Monster’ which is the tallest wooden roller coaster ride on earth at a height of 40 meters.  The other thrilling rides are Le Vampire and Le Cobra.


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  1. oldpoet56 says:

    Very good article, personally I love Canada but there has always been one dirty little word that has kept me from moving there, C-O-L-D, I hate cold. Great people, beautiful Country, these are beautiful pictures, I am going to reblog this article for you.

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  2. Thank You.
    YES, Despite COLD, still it is an amazing country. I personally loved <3.


  3. Great article and beautiful photos.

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