5 budget destinations you might want to look

Planning a trip with your friends? Here are 5 budget destinations you might want to look at-

Going on a trip with a couple of friends is a great idea. One, the trip becomes more fun. And two, it helps to share the expenses. The second factor becomes essential especially if you are on a tight budget. So, here are five so-called ‘budget destinations’ that you can look at if you are planning a trip with your friends.

Planning a trip with your friends? Here are 5 budget destinations you might want to look at

Here are the destinations you can plan a trip with your friends:


Nashville in Tennessee is every Western music listener’s paradise. There are many important sites regarding the Western and the Country music genres. There is the Grand Ole Opry Stage. In the Downtown, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is located. There is even the Johnny Cash museum dedicated to the classic singer, the ‘Man in Black.’ There are many live honky-tonks shows also performed on the streets in Downtown.

Long Beach

This Californian city has a lot of water and ship-based activities to offer. In its bay, itself has located the iconic RMS Queen Mary. This colossal ship has now been converted into a museum. Then there lies the Aquarium of the Pacific which features sea life exhibits in a waterfront space. For the kids, amusements include the Knott’s Berry Farm and Adventure City.


The ‘Windy City’ boasts of a large area and an even larger population. The skyline is adorned with iconic buildings like Tribune Park and the John Hancock center. Other architectural wonders include the Cloud Gate which is a reflective mirrored sculpture that is shaped like a bean. The Navy Pier is also great for shopping and eating joints.


Portland in Oregon is one of the most ecologically conscious cities in the US. There are many green paths used for walking and cycling all through the city. There is also a growing scene of music and the arts. Portland is otherwise known for its coffee houses and microbreweries. There are natural trails all over the city, especially around Lewis and State Historical Park.


This was America’s first national park and still does not fail to impress. You can meet animals like bears, bison, and elks in this Wyoming reserve. Apart from that nature’s magic can be seen in its alpine rivers, green forests and hot springs and geysers. The Old Faithful Geyser is the most famous of them.Here’s your chance to avail one of those group travel deals and head out to these destinations for a relaxing and exciting vacation.


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