Plan your trip to Delhi.

delhi-1845004_1920Delhi is the heart of India by all means, and not just because it is the capital city. The small Union Territory is one of the cities with the highest population density in India, and has a reputation for tourism matching that statistics. Dotted with numerous attractions, both ancient and modern within a few kilometer radius throughout the 1,484 square kilometers of area, Delhi is also the most frequented place in India, be it for business or pleasure. Cheap flights to Delhi fly out of all the major airports of India on a regular basis. The perfect blend and confluence of the old-world charm and architectural brilliance with the state-of-the-art cleanliness and transport system in the new city, Delhi is the place to be if you want to feel alive.
When to visit
If you are visiting, do skip the mid-summer. Delhi is infamous for the killer heat waves, and by the killer, we mean it literally. Choose the late-autumn, winter and springs, from November to March to visit Delhi and enjoy it properly, since most of the time you will be spending on the streets.

Things to do 

In Delhi, you might as well be confused about what not to do. The Mughal monuments in and around the main city itself will take up two days if you want it to be thorough.


Red Fort,


Humayun’s Tomb,


Jama Masjid


and Qutub Minar is only a few, to begin with. Purani Dilli and its congested streets deserve a visit, no matter how tight the schedule is.


A day’s drive to Taj Mahal (3 h 53 min (233.1 km) via Taj Express Highway/Yamuna Expy)


and Fatehpur Sikri is also usually included in a Delhi trip. To save up for the extensive itinerary, you might want to avail the discounts offered to you on flight tickets by Taj Travel.

Traveling tips in the particular city


  • Avoid much exposure to heat at all costs


  • Experiment with street food – it will be an experience


  • Learn to bargain well, there is always a cheaper option in Delhi that you might be overlooking.



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