Ideal Time to Book – Flights to India from USA

About the destination (INDIA)


India is the country known for its colorful aesthetics, delicious cuisines and warm hospitality of the people. Add to that the diversity in culture and nature’s bounty, and you have the perfect place to visit for a vacation. From the high snow-capped mountains of the north to the green backwaters of the south, from the warm deserts on the west, to the lovely tea-gardens of the north-east – there is hardly any place on the earth with so much to offer.

When to visit

Winter months are always the better option to visit India, since the summers all-over the country except the high mountains are extreme. September to April is a reasonable time to book a trip to India. But if you want to go in summer, Taj Travel offers cheap flights to India from USA during the offseason with slashed prices.

Things to do 

Your tour itinerary will depend largely on which state or city you are visiting since there are so many and each of them has something unique to offer. But there are some things that more or less all of them have in common. Make sure you do not miss the Islamic structures in North India, and the Dravidian forts and temples while in South India. Almost all the major cities have some prominent religious places, as well as other attractions like zoos, museums, and monuments.

Traveling tips

When in India, you should always remember to:

  • Carry cash with you, but not in large amounts
  • Keep water and umbrella in your bag because the heat can be dangerous
  • Take help from the locals. They can be much more useful in giving directions and sharing stories than the internet
  • Book your cheap flights to India from BookOtrip for special discounts

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